Joshua "Whole Lotta Love" Bandy
"Never trust a big butt and a smile!"
Other Interests
Sound design, poker, live shows, making movies, mixtapes, girls, blinding people with science
Major Influences
United House Front, Dubtribe Sound System, DJ Assault, Jacob London, DJ Shadow

Jizosh's passion for artisanal cheese has roots in childhood summers in Aix-en-Provence, where family bonding always revolved around a bottle of red wine and a giant wheel of Camembert. Inspired by these memories, he left the world of structured finance in 1998 and embarked on a new career, working his way up from administrative assistant to chief milkmaid at the legendary Umbrian Hills Farms (UHF). On his first day with the herd, he realized his life's true purpose. "When I wrapped my hands around those teats, I felt like I was home again. I knew that my future wasn't in spreadsheets and planning meetings - it was in making the best sustainably-produced organic cheese I could make."

Three years later, the first wheels of Gouda from Dancing Cougar Farms were flying off the shelves at Whole Foods. Rich and buttery in texture, this affordable yet politically sensitive cheese comes from a herd hand-selected through an intensive interview process by Jizosh himself, nurtured by sustainable organic farming practices such as biomanure recycling, daily readings from the New York Review of Books, and individually-purchased carbon offsets for each cow.

Although Dancing Cougar has outgrown its original field in North Jersey and now covers 118 lush acres in New Hampshire, Jizosh's passion for business will never outpace his love for the pleasures of cheese. "Although I've made millions from sustainable agriculture, no Bentley or prostitute sets my heart afire like a slab of rich, carbon-neutral cheese sitting atop a hunk of grainy, organic home-made bread," he says.

He is also an accomplished house DJ.

For booking information, please contact Jizosh at Jizosh@UnitedHouseFront.com.

09.08.06 - August 2009 Promo Mix
Jizosh's August 2009 promo mix has some of the summer's biggest tunes and some tunes that will be huge next year.
Download mix (117MB)  

08.09.03 - Gunshots & Pussypops
Gunshots & Pussypops is a live 2x4 mix of Baltimore Club, Ghettotech, Juke, and Booty House by Jizosh & Bo (aka Baconheads). 40 tracks in 60 minutes!
Download mix (55MB)  

08.08.08 - Jizosh's August 2008 promo mix
Jizosh's August 2008 promo mix has some of the summer's biggest tunes and some tunes that will be huge in 2009.
Download mix (87MB)  

08.06.30 - 90s house classics
An uplifting selection of 90s house classics, featuring many of the usual suspects and a few dusty gems, mixed by Jizosh.
Download mix (39MB)  

08.02.18 - Avec Amour
In the spirit of Valentine's Day, this is a mix of tracks from when Jizosh first fell in love with French House. Some of these tunes are classics and others will be new to most people. As always, feel free to share this mix with anyone who might be interested. Thanks for listening.
Download mix (121MB)  

Jizosh & Swank (Live on C89's The Vortex) - 05.06.18
With their new residency on The Vortex on Seattle's C89.5fm, Jizosh & Swank have been preaching the gospel of disco and funky house to thousands. Recorded from their latest appearance, a live in-studio 2x4 set, Jizosh & Swank wreck shop on the Seattle metropolitan airwaves.
  Download mix (52MB)

UHF on the Vortex - 03.14.04
Charlie B, Swank, and Jizosh mix live on C89.5's The Vortex radio show. Don't forget to grab yourself a towel, because you're going to need it after this non-stop three hour mix of funky and disco house.
  Download mix (165MB)

BJ Sessions - Volume 3 - 03.10.07
This third volume in the BJ Sessions mix series was recorded by Josh and Bo live on runtimelogic.com's weekly broadcast. A smooth blend of funky deep house that finds its groove from the beginning and won't shake loose until you do.
  Download mix (62MB)

BJ Sessions - Volume 2 - 01.10.13
74 minutes and about as many sticks of Nag Champa later, the dastardly duo have created BJ Sessions - Volume Two, a new mix of what they're calling "Hippie House." When asked to comment, Bo and Jizosh reported, "If the mix were any techier, we'd be out of the crew!" (Read the review by breakbeatpaul)
  Download mix (71MB)

BJ Sessions - Volume 1 - 01.06.11
When Bo and Jizosh "go deep" you're always in for a "treat!" Listen to this mix of deep and tribal goodness!
  Download mix (74MB)